About TGCFabian

Hia! Its me! TGCFabian, that weird dum sabertooth cat that strolls around on the interwebs! Thought it was time for me to finish this one :P

I’m a lil sabertooth kitty from the netherlands, and got many interests in things, like, way too much, many, too many some would even say….

My main focus right now is work on my content creation stuff, its something i enjoy doing, so why wouldnt i continue it :)

I’ve joined the furry fandom somewhere in 2019? not even sure, but became open and public about it on January 19 2020 (Which was, fun fact, on my birthday!)

A ton of my personal interests follow stuff connected to electronics, for example, electronics (Wow big suprise), Robotics (Telepresence robot, via online websites), Ham radio, Radio in general, Anything in relation to VR and VR in general. ya too much stuff! :D

I Spend alot of my time just, watching youtube online, thinking what to do, and often at nights i stream beatsaber on my twitch, i try to make mixed reality content that people dont often see, like live editing while playing beatsaber maps (Its tough..)

Furthermore i dont have much to say, im a simple kitty, who just, lives his life, does random shite, and tries to survive, feel free to join my discord or message me on telegram to get more info about me :)

Cons & Meetups

If you’d want to know to what Cons and Meetups ive been go to the “Cons and Meets” page

Or, if you’re lazy like me, just click here :3